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Stairlifts can be referred to as a seat that helps people who struggle with mobility to easily climb up and down their stairs at home. There are numerous reasons why someone may need help with their mobility, age isn’t always a factor. Regardless of age, people struggle with arthritis, bone or joint disease that affect or decreases their general range of motion. An unexpected accident or other situation can leave one needing help navigating their stairs. Stairlifts help improve the way you get around your home and gives you back your independence.

Stairlifts Can Prevent Falls

Doctors who treat the elderly or patients with bone and joint disorders explain that one of the major causes of injuries for their patients are falls. Whether a person realizes it or not, when mobility is challenged, it increases the risk of a fall. Falling down stairs often results in multiple injuries and could even lead to death. People don’t just fall down stairs, but trip going up them as well, injuring their face or neck. A lift can help one avoid falls by providing a safe way to get up and down stairs.

Stairlifts Reduce Worry

Many of us worry about our love ones living alone with mobility issues. A stairlift can ease those fears and give our love ones back their confidence in their own home again. When fear is reduced from one’s life, it will automatically reduce stress. Stairlifts can provide the needed reassurance for both the user and the people who love them by reducing the risk of a serious fall and injury.