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It’s no secret; your parents are getting older, and you’ve noticed it in more than just graying hair and a few wrinkles. At Home Stairlift Rentals and Sales, we know how difficult it can be to watch your parents start to slow down and have more difficulty getting around than they once did. As hard as this is, there are actually a few simple ways that you can help your parents stay mobile, and we can help you with at least one of them. Encouraging them to stay active by installing a few handy pieces of equipment in their home, such as safety bars and stairlifts.

Encouraging Them to Stay Active

Healthy habits and activities that can help your parents out if they’re still able to walk and get around fairly easily. If your parents are still fairly mobile, you can help them stay that way by encouraging healthy activities on a regular basis. Instead of getting together to drive to a restaurant for dinner, get together with them to go on a walk. It’s more cost effective, and it’s healthier for everyone.

Even if your parents have some mobility issues and need assistance, you can still help them by finding activities that work on their level of mobility. For example, you could go for a much shorter walk and bring their walker or wheelchair along, in case they have difficulties. You could also schedule a water aerobics class with other seniors that will help them stay active and make friends, as well.
It’s been shown, time and again, that active adults lead longer, fuller lives and stay healthier well into their senior years. Whether or not your parents were very active and fit in their younger years, you can help them develop healthy habits now to give them a better quality of life and more mobility as they age.

Help Them Get Around Their House (and Yours)

Encouraging your parents to participate in healthy activities on a regular basis is very important, improving their ability to easily move around their home is the first step. Think about it this way; how motivated would you feel to get out and be social and/or active if every trip up and down the stairs at your house took you several minutes and a great deal of energy? You’d want to stay home, wouldn’t you?

If one of your parents has a temporary disability or you’re not certain how long they’ll be staying in their current home, you can even opt for temporary stairlift rentals to help them get around more easily without spending a lot of money on an expensive piece of equipment.
You can even get stairlift rentals for your own home if your parents are visiting for the holidays or any other time of the year. This way they can get up and down the stairs easily, and they don’t have to rely on you or anyone else to help them. It makes it easier and more enjoyable for everyone in the house to get around and enjoy time together.